Alvin Chan

PhD Candidate in Computer Science, Year 3

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Alvin Chan is a Computer Science PhD candidate in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research interests center around making AI technologies safe and beneficial for humanity, encompassing topics like adversarial learning and deep learning for medical applications. He is in his 3rd year and works with Prof Ong Yew Soon. In his free time, he enjoys rock-climbing, jogging and attending tech meetups.


  • Adversarial Learning
  • Computational Biology


  • PhD in Computer Science, Year 3

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • BEng in Bioengineering, 2013

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Recent Publications

Poison Attacks against Text Datasets with Conditional Adversarially Regularized Autoencoder

TL;DR: We propose Conditional Adversarially Regularized Autoencoder to imbue poison signature and generate natural-looking poisoned …

CoCon: A Self-Supervised Approach for Controlled Text Generation

TL;DR: We propose CoCon as a self-supervised approach to control LM-based text generation in a fine-grained manner.
Abstract: …

Deep learning for fabrication and maturation of 3D bioprinted tissues and organs

TL;DR: Perceptive paper on how deep learning can improve 3D bioprinting.
Abstract: Bioprinting is a relatively new and promising …

What it Thinks is Important is Important: Robustness Transfers through Input Gradients

TL;DR: By regularizing for similar input gradients, we can transfer adversarial robustness from a teacher to a student classifier even …

Poison as a Cure: Detecting & Neutralizing Variable-Sized Backdoor Attacks in Deep Neural Networks

TL;DR: We propose a comprehensive defense to detect and neutralize backdoor poisoning attacks of different sizes.
Abstract: Deep …